API Reference

Here you can find a fully exhaustive presentation of all Harmony's core APIs

Note: this section only covers API exposed by @harmonyjs/server, @harmonyjs/persistence and @harmonyjs/query. In order to learn about the various Plugins API (Controllers and Adapters), refer to the Plugins section.


HarmonyJS is completely written using Typescript. As such, all type names referenced in this documentation are the actual Typescript types used in the framework.


The @harmonyjs/server package exposes the API needed to bootstrap a Harmony application. It's the cornerstone of the server part. Find its full API here.


@harmonyjs/persistence provides a way to describe our data, configure database access and optionally compile a GraphQL schema. Its API can be found here.


Finally, the @harmonyjs/query packages is used on the client side to create our server calls. Read the API here.